Dog Ear Infection Treatments: Home Remedies that Work

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Sometimes pet ownership requires more than belly rubs and cozy cuddles. As a dog owner it is also imperative that we commit to providing the best health care for our canine companions. Specifically a balanced diet, daily exercise and if needed safe and effective home remedies. Dog ear infection treatments in particular are important and can help to alleviate some rather uncomfortable and irritating symptoms for your pet.

Dog Ears
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Whether they are drooping or pointing straight up in the air, a dogs ears are exposed to a lot in one day and can be vulnerable to debris, mites and a very wide variety of bacteria. Though prevention and good hygiene are the best way to treat a dog ear infection, when they do occur they can be easily dealt with by using simple and inexpensive kitchen cures such as those listed below;

To prepare vinegar ear wash combine two parts water with one part white or apple cider vinegar. Leave the mixture for a few minutes so it can warm to room temperature then apply to your dog’s ears using a light misting bottle. Repeat the vinegar spray once a day until your dog’s symptoms subside. Please note, this dog ear infection treatment should not be used if your dog has scratched their ear surface or has open sores as the vinegar will irritate and sting causing your dog further pain and discomfort.

Vitamin E Oil:
Like human ear infections, a dog ear infection can be caused by the build up of wax and debris. The best ointment to use to rinse the inner ear is vitamin E oil. Not only will it break away any build-up that has occurred but it will also sooth and calm irritation.

Ear Compress:
Though not necessarily a cure, a warm ear compress can help to alleviate the pain associated with a dog ear infection. To make your own compress simply dampen a small dish towel with warm water. Then press the towel against the outer opening of your dog’s ear once or twice daily.

As mentioned above, these kitchen cures are simply convenient home remedies. If your pet has reoccurring symptoms or if the ear seems inflamed and bloody it is important to see your vet right away. Fortunately a dog ear infection is often not serious, but only a professional can tell whether further treatment is needed.

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